What is your Trade Policy?

  • Mass Market Paperbacks: up to 25% of the original publisher’s price
  • Trade Paperbacks: up to 25% of the original publishers price
    ($3.00 maximum)
  • Hard Cover: up to 25% of the original publishers price
    ($3.50 maximum)
  • New Hard Cover (copyright must be within the last 12 months):
    up to 25% of the original publishers price
    ($4.00 maximum)
  • Book Club Editions Up to $2 depending on the title/author
No price quotes over the phone or online. Items must be assessed in person

What type of books do we accept?

  • General fiction and non-fiction reading copies
  • Soft and hard cover
  • First Editions
  • Special Editions
  • Signed
  • Leather-bound and leatherette
  • Collectibles of all types
  • Nice clean resalable books

What type of books do we NOT accept?

  • Time Life
  • Readers Digest
  • Book Club/Book-of-the-Month-Club
    (special exceptions for specific titles/authors)
  • Foreign Language
  • National Geographic
  • Textbooks/School Subjects
  • Yearbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Large Print
  • Audio Books
  • Magazines
  • Comics
  • Pamphlets
  • Road Maps
  • Advance Reader Copies/Uncorrected Proofs
  • Series Romance

What are your requirements on Book Condition?

  • No smoke or water damage.
  • No mold.
  • No torn or missing pages.
  • Little to no damage to pasteboards, covers, or dust jackets.
  • Little to no additional writing or underlines that were not from the original publisher.
  • If a book originally came with a dust jacket or sleeve from the original publisher it must be present.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel is unsellable for any reason.
Fine Books prides itself on only selling nice quality used books and we are very strict on this business practice.

What is your Refund/Return Policy?
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.
Please inspect the items thoroughly to make sure you are satisfied before leaving the store.

Do you make Cash Purchases?
Instead of receiving store credit you may be interested in selling your books. We do offer cash purchases but cannot give price quotes over the phone or online. Items must be assessed in person.

Do you do in-home Appraisals?
Fine Books offers free in-home appraisals on items you wish to sell in large quantities. It is easier if you bring the items to the store but as a courtesy we can schedule a time to view your books if the quantity is large enough.

Do you give Dealer Discounts?
As a courtesy to our friends in the industry, dealers will receive a 20% discount on any purchase plus no tax. A business card or work id (something tying you to the business) along with a tax ID number will be required at the time of purchase to receive a discount.

I bought this book for (x dollars) brand new and you’re only offering me (x dollars cash/trade), this doesn’t seem fair?
The majority of books lose tremendous value over time. Only a small percentage increase in value or retain their original price.

How much do your books cost?
The vast majority of the books we keep in stock are sold between 50%-70% off the original publisher’s price. Specialty items such as out-of-print- or autographed books hold a higher retail value and will be priced accordingly. All items should have a price sticker on the outside or a price written in pencil on the first blank page.

I bought a book from your store but you won’t allow me to trade it in for store credit. Why?
Typically if an item is refused it is due to either poor condition or we already have plenty in stock. Our sales staff will be honest with you on the reason. If we are overstocked then feel free to hold on to your item and try back at a later time. If it is due to condition then something unfortunate happened between the time of purchase and when you have attempted to bring it back for store credit.